Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office Teaches Gun Safety to Youth Campers

The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office hosted a youth camp about gun safety.

Camp Grant Walker is dedicated to helping kids learn valuable life skills.


Once a gun goes off, officers teach the kids you cannot take the bullet back.

Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain says parents need to lock their guns to keep their children safe.

“Many people like to hunt here so we have to treat every gun like it’s loaded and so we have a demonstration set up, that shows kids a handful of guns that are fake that look real and the ones that are truly real. And the point is you can’t tell you which one is real, and which one is not.”


The Grant Parish officers taught the campers what to do if they saw a gun.

One camper, Ethan Poole said, “I would go inside and go get a parent to come see the gun and then I would tell my mom to call the police.”


The officers want them to know how dangerous and powerful guns can be.

Grant Parish Sherriff Steven McCain says, “We’ve got a responsibility; I think to make sure we try to lead them down the right path and take every opportunity to be a positive role model and show them the correct way and the dangers of choosing the wrong path.”


This lesson taught the campers how to react if they find a gun.

One camper, Elijah Alston said, “If I saw a gun sitting there and there was no one around, I would go get a trusted adult and bring it back, and bring them and see what to do with it, let them handle the rest.”


The Grant Parish Sheriff and his officers are dedicated to making a positive impact on the campers.

They hope what they learned at the camp will help them make better life decisions.


At Camp Grant Walker, campers also learned how to operate an ATV safely, social media safety, how to prevent cyberbullying, and the dangers of vaping.