Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office Hosts Triad Lunch for Senior Citizens

There was a packed house for the annual Triad lunch at the Colfax Civic Center in Grant Parish.  The program was in appreciation of senior citizens. ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more.

The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office held their Triad luncheon Friday.  The mission of the Triad program is to create a specialized way to guarantee the safety of older citizens and to reduce senior victimization.

Miss Louisiana Gracie Reichman tells me about the goals of the event.

“To honor our senior citizens and our police jury and just the people in our community who really make a difference and have continued to invest in our community on a day to day basis.”

Reichman had a special treat for the crowd.  She performed her clogging routine that she did when she won Miss Louisiana.  She said she brings a part of Grant Parish with her wherever she goes.

“Miss Louisiana is an ever-changing job every day looks different for me but bringing a little bit of Grant Parish with me on the day to day job of Miss Louisiana.  I grew up in Grant Parish in Colfax.  So, bringing this community and everything it has invested in me throughout my day to day life as Miss Louisiana has meant the world to me.”

Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain shares what Triad means.

“It’s a partnership between senior citizens, the community as a whole and law enforcement.  They’ve truly paved the path before us, and we owe everything to them for the reason where we are today.  And so, this is our way of giving back.”

McCain honored a special former deputy who was instrumental in the founding of the program.

“The deputy that actually organized and ran the program was here with us.  He just turned 99 years old, and we presented him with a legacy award because of all of his efforts 40 years ago we’re able to continue down the path today.”

McCain recognized Grant Parish Police Jury Member Cephas Bowie as one of the lawmakers who was responsible for outlawing Parish-wide the drug Kratom, which produces a Marijuana-like high.

“Kratom was not regulated. It’s caused a lot of problems and it’s actually caused a death of a young man.  I introduced this problem to our Police Jury and they’re the second parish in the entire state who stepped up and made the decision to outlaw this.  And because of their efforts I’m convinced that they’ve saved lives in our community.”

The Sheriff emphasized the importance of the older generation who the event sought to honor.

“It’s important because they’re responsible for building everything in the past that’s led us to where we are today.”