Governor Edwards addresses unemployment in press conference yesterday

In the Governors press conference yesterday, he talked about COVID numbers and unemployment benefits.

According to the LDH, the fourth child has died in Louisiana due to complications from COVID19.

Our hospitals are still stressed because of the lack of available beds and hospitals being under staffed.

The Governor said testing labs are getting test results out faster now. He also warned that if you are quarantined because of a positive test and you take another test and it comes back negative before the 14 days, you still need to quarantine for 14 days,

There are two proposed unemployment options. The first option requires a 25% monetary match to get the $400 a week unemployment benefit. This money would come from our disaster relief fund or FEMA.

The second option allows the state to use Louisiana state unemployment funds for the 25% match, but recipients would only receive $300. Either way it will cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and is a short term fix.