Gov. Edwards: Let’s Get to Work

Governor John Bel Edwards says “Let’s Get to Work” in his six page, 25 minute address to the legislature.

Push has again come to shove, especially since the new budget year starts July 1st and the democratic governor says republican lawmakers must consider ways to raise more money. Edwards says he’s looking at a 0 million budget shortfall.

The governor and his floor leaders are mindful there are lawmakers who have resisted this special session, and have said they will not vote for more taxes. They’ve said the governor should have waited until the fall.

Here’s what the governor outlines as the gaps that will cause crises in public services. He says the budget is $75 million short for K-12 education, with $54 million cut from higher education. TOPS is $155 million short. And $174 million is needed for health care, including public-private hospitals.

Bills have already been filed and the committees began their work yesterday.

KLAX ABC 31 News 6/8/16