GAME OF THE WEEK: Alexandria Senior High Trojans

One can call this week, “The Battle of the Trojans”.

The ASH Army, as I like to call the, is hosting Ferriday High for their Week 1 match-up.

Head coach, Thomas Bachman, gives praise to the Ferriday football program.

“Well, I think it’s a good match-up. I think Stanley (Smith) is doing well over there. I think they’re a confident group that’s won a lot of ball games. You can see on film that they believe in themselves so we’re really excited about it and we have to play well.

These two teams are quite familiar with each other.

Just over a year ago they battled head to head in their season opener on Ferriday’s turf.

ASH sealed the deal with 58 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Ferriday was sitting at 4th and 9 and the ASH defense came through with a huge sack that called the offense back to the field. ASH was then set at 1st and 10, they took a timeout and then took a knee to end the game at 15-14. Just one point over Ferriday.

“So I think you’re going to get two groups that are somewhat familiar with each other and respect each other. I know our kids respect what they bring to the table and you know just the players they’re going to put on the field and the scheme they’re going to play on the field.

Bachman explains how they plan to advance even further than a close win.

“Well, I think the game is about execution and we talk about that all the time around here. Scheme is important and we want to do a good job with our scheme but execution is important and we want to do well with our execution.”

For Friday’s game at “The Butch” and being one of the few teams with a home game– the Trojans would expect a lot of noise being made in the stands.

“Looking forward to seeing what atmosphere we have, I think the crowd has grown over the last few years over here. Myself and our staff since we have been here, the community has been great and we’re expecting a fun year with some full stands.”