Future of Fall Sports: Louisiana College and LSUA

Due to COVID-19, our local athletic programs such as Louisiana College and LSUA will experience minimal fall competition.

LC Athletic Director announces that fall sports have been moved to the spring after a decision was made from the American Southwest Conference.

“As most of you know, this past wee we deiced as an athletic department through our department that all fall sports have been pushed to the spring. We’re very hopeful that that will happen because it’s a great experience for our young people.”

With little to no athletic activities at LC, now the athletes have more time to prepare for a spring season and they can focus more on their studies.

LSUA on the other hand, allowing very minimal activity during the summer, is in a different situation.

“Our conference and the NAIA nationwide has made the decision to move fall championships to the spring. The question makr that that leaves is the door open for fall competition. So, if we want soccer matches on campus or even away, we still are able to do that but it becomes an institutional decision across the country.”

What’s unique for both programs in the future is the meet up in the same athletic association. Louisiana College has applied to move on from the ASC and join LSUA in the NAIA beginning next school year. Both Mason and Johnson mention they’ve been talking about this for some time and they’re excited to see it unfold.

“Super excited about being in the NAIA. It creates a different platform for Louisiana College and allows us to build rivalries in state and we can finally answer the question of us playing across the river. I think there’s a great opportunity for us to build basketball in Central Louisiana on the same level where it can be exciting.”

“This is a fantastic thing. I speak for our Chancellor, Dr. Coreil, whenever the call was first made between Dr. Brewer and Dr. Coreil and it was 100% yes, we support it because this would be fantastic for Louisiana.”