Fourth of July fireworks Precuations

Press Release – Sheriff William Earl Hilton would like to wish everyone a very safe and Happy 4th of July holiday.  We would also like to remind everyone about the Rapides Parish Ordinances with reference to the use of Fireworks.

Every Fourth of July, Christmas and New Years, the question comes up; is it legal to use fireworks in Rapides Parish.  The answer is YES, outside the city limits, but also within reason.

Every year, children and adults of all walks of life look forward to popping their favorite fireworks; whether it is bottle rockets, roman candles or aerial burst shells, seeing these displays thrills young and old alike.  But as with all privileges, common sense and respect of others rights have to be considered.

Rapides Parish Ordinances dictate what is legal and what is not.  The following is the law where fireworks are concerned:

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot or explode firecrackers or fireworks of any kind within twenty-five (25) yards of any public road in the parish, or within fifty (50) yards of any church or schoolhouse in the parish, or within any residential subdivision of land, now or hereinafter approved and accepted by the police jury pursuant to the subdivision ordinance of this parish, or within twenty-five (25) yards of any residential subdivision of land, now or hereinafter approved and accepted by the police jury pursuant to the subdivision ordinance of the parish, or in the direction of any residence, business or other public facility.


  • Louisiana law states permissible items of fireworks, may be sold at retail from noon June 25th  through midnight July 5th.  No person shall offer to sell or sell fireworks to a child known to be under the age of fifteen years or to any person known to be intoxicated or any person known to be irresponsible.   No person shall explode or ignite fireworks within one thousand feet of any church, hospital, asylum, school, public building, or fireworks retail location.

While it is legal to use fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday in the parish, care should be given as to where these are used.  The area you live in may not be the best place to set off your roman candle.  Please use caution as the use of fireworks can also be a fire hazard in areas that are very dry.

And  please remember, if you are disturbing someone else’s peace, that is against the law.  Be considerate.  Also, please consider those veterans who may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress as fireworks and the explosions they make can be a trigger for them.

We also encourage parents to supervise the children in the use of fireworks.  Parents may be held liable if a juvenile child causes property damage with fireworks.  And always, have a water hose or a fire extinguisher near where the fireworks are being used.

Be courteous, be safe and have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday.

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