FOTAZ receives surplus check

The zoo benefitted today from a surplus of funds generated from the 4th of July celebration this past year. Councilman Chuck Fowler and Councilman at Large Lee Rubin handed over a $3,200 check to FOTAZ to be used for zoo enrichment…
Chuck Fowler says “It worked out great, it was a tremendous fireworks display, it lasted for a long time”
Lee Rubin, councilman at Large states, “We had money left over from that and as Chuck had mentioned that when we raised the money, we told the sponsors that if any money was left over, we would give it to the zoo and everybody was one hundred percent in favor of that and so the check that we presented was the excess funds that were collected and I’m sure that the zoo and FOTAZ will put that money to good use.”
Zoo Director, Max Lakes is very grateful anytime they get a donation to FOTAZ or to the Zoo. He says, “FOTAZ is instrumental in zoo operations. everything that they do goes to help us with everything from new aviaries and enrichment for the animals, which is super important and also super expensive so people don’t realize that a lion can go through a very expensive ball real  quick if you don’t buy the right kind. So this money will go to a, several different things and people should come by the zoo and see all the new things that are going on catch a little glimpse of that enrichment that’s going to be out there.”
“People are starved for something fun to do. We’ve had enough of sitting on the couch and the COVID thing and people want to be out, they want to enjoy our city and the city wants to give something back to the folks”, stated Rubin.