Former US Representative Turns 95 Today

Happy Birthday to Catherine Small Long. She turns 95 today. Cathy is a Democratic former US representative for Louisiana’s 8th congressional district, which she filled from 1985 to 1987, the remainder of the term left by the death of her husband, Gillis William Long. Until it was disbanded in 1993, the 8th district was based in Central Louisiana around Alexandria.
She was the first female military veteran elected to Congress, having served as a WAVE in the US Navy.
When she announced her candidacy in 1985, some of the wives of other U.S. representatives came into the district to campaign on her behalf.
Her principal opponents, whom she easily defeated in the special election included Republican Clyde C. Holloway, a nurseryman from Forest Hill in southern Rapides Parish, and then State Representative Jock Scott of Alexandria, a Democrat who later switched parties.
Long declined to seek a full term as congresswoman in the nonpartisan blanket primary in 1986.In another bid for the seat, Holloway narrowly prevailed in the general election even though the Eighth District was among the most historically Democratic in the nation.