Former LSUA Basketball players return to The Fort for a player reunion

On Saturday, LSUA held a special reunion event involving former basketball players. 

Among the former players in attendance was Jordin Williams, who was a four year starter from 2014 to 2018 and is the all-time leading scorer in program history. 

He says it was great to be back home in Alexandria. 

Jordin Williams, LSUA guard, 2014-2018 – seeing all the familiar faces. Everybody who made this program successful, and all the support that we had is good. Seeing the support system and to see that nothing’s changed and family is still family and you can’t spell family without A. 

Another former general in attendance was Donovan Thomas. 

Thomas changed his work schedule just to be at the event. 

He said it was great to be back at the fort. 

 Donovan thomas, LSUA guard – I wish I could come more, get back into it, but anytime I can get back here is a great time. 

LSUA is a basketball powerhouse in the naia, and both Williams and Thomas played big roles in the generals success. 

Williams says he expects the winning tradition to continue. 

Jordin Williams, LSUA guard, 2014-2018 – I expect to see the community to continue to support us, and just to push Alexandria, LSUA as a university to keep growing, keep developing, and getting bigger and better. 

Thomas says he hopes the generals can bring a bigger prize to Alexandria. 

Donovan thomas, LSUA guard – I hope that they can get over that hump that we was never able to get over and win, and actually win the national championship. You know, whatever it takes, I hope they can get that. 

Fans got to experience the past of lsua men’s basketball here on saturday, and they’ll have an opportunity to see the present take the floor here at the fort on october 27th for the home opener against North American.