Former LC coach, Charles, transitions to Holy Savior Menard

Former Louisiana College head football coach, Justin Charles, is currently making his transition as the new head football coach at Holy Savior Menard.

Former head coach, Chris Gatlin, was recently appointed as the principal of the school. He said that upon his own transition, it was vital that he take part in looking for someone to fulfill his spot. He mentions that once he knew Charles was interested in the position, the search didn’t take long.

“My first duty as a principal was to resign as a football coach and they told me to find a head football coach. It was a real short list once I found out Coach Charles was interested. We talked and got him before our committee and it was an easy decision for us. We wanted a man with high integrity, a good family man that could come in and set a good example for our young men and that’s what he is.”

Charles says that this move is exciting for his immediate family and extended family, as in Louisiana College.

“This is an exciting time for my family and my extended family, the Louisiana College football players and the program. I think it’s going to be better for both organizations right now. I’m definitely excited about my next step forward when you talk about Menard because there’s so much that is positive within this Menard community and just the potential that’s here…”

Charles was a former Wildcat player, named an All-American defensive back. He finished his football career in 2004 and joined the Louisiana College coaching staff right after coaching in different roles.