Get Fit for Summer

Memorial Day weekend unofficially kicks off of the summer season. That means short sleeves and bathing suits.

If you’re in rush to get into shape, there is good news. Holly Firfer talks with a trainer about how to get the most out of your workout.

Fitness client Jean Exum is working hard to get fit for summer. “I just basically want to get stronger and be healthy,” says Jean. “I’d like to have Brandy’s arms by summertime, please.”

So personal trainer Brandy Drinkard puts Jean through a combination workout, which is one of the best ways to get fit. You burn calories and build muscle.

“The most efficient workout is one that combines cardio exercises, what would normally be called aerobic-type exercises, with strength training,” says Brandy.

Instead of two separate workouts, one where you do weight work and another just an aerobic exercise – doing them together cuts your workout in half.

The key is to keep your heart rate up.

“Some of the things that look not quite as hard – the lunges or the squats – you bump it up a little bit when you have a weighted ball,” Brandy says.

Brandy has Jean jog to get her heart pumping and then uses resistance bands to build muscle. Soon it’s more aerobic exercise with step work, then back to strength training.

Brandy suggests people do combination workouts three times a week and get some type of aerobic exercise on two other days.

“I feel pretty good, but my muscles are definitely feeling it,” says Jean; and Jean’s feeling like she’s well on her way to meeting her goals.

Story by Holly Firfer, INN News, March 24, 2013 

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