Fighting COVID-19 While Dealing With Hurricane Laura Recovery

The city of pineville, as well as, other areas in Central Louisiana are still reeling from the devestation of Hurricane Laura.
Clean up efforts and getting power back on is on the minds of many in the area, but maybe one topic that has gone by the waste side of some is the coronaivurs pandemic, which is still an issue across the state
Rich Dupree, the Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Pineville says people still need to be mindful during these trying times not just when it comes to down power lines, but also the invisible enemy
“One of the big concerns, I know it is for the governor and parish officals is that we were just starting to turn a corner, flattening the curve a little bit of COIVD and hoping to ease restrictions even for things like high school football that folks are crying for to have. You do wonder how it will effect that number” said Dupree.
While following safety protocols is advised, Dupree understands that citizens of Pineville might have their focus towards hurricane recovery.
“I think at the end of the day when you see someone coming with meals or coming with water or coming with ice, you are not really concerned if they are wearing a mask or not. You are thankful for getting the supplies you get, whether it is a tarp to cover your roof or some ice to help provide for you. I really believe that folks are really receptive and not really concerned about that.” said Dupree.
According to the city of Pineville, about 50 percent of their residents are still without power complicating coronavirus testing.