Fate of Fort Polk to be Revealed Thursday

We’ll soon know the future of Fort Polk and what impact that will have on our area.

Thursday, federal authorities will announce whether Fort Polk will lose or retain an entire brigade representing thousands of soldiers and their families.

For those in Leesville, this could be a day of celebration or a defeat on the battlefield.  That’s because a group called Fort Polk Progress has been leading a full-scale assault on the military to prove the worth of this historic army base to the United States and to Central Louisiana.

The U.S. Army is under the gun to cut 40 thousand troops and other personnel.  Around 30 bases are on the chopping block.

Aside from the economic blow it could mean to this region, officials say the army base is part of the culture and influence of this area.

KLAX ABC 31 News 7/7/15