Exhibits- Pulp Icons & Unraveling Time


May 31 – Aug 24, 2013 Pulp Icons: Stewart Nachmias

Cast paper and prints created from deeply carved wood blocks, inked directly to act as molds for hand-dyed paper pulp result in low-relief prints. Amusement parks and circuses depicted in rich color embedded in its dimensional surface highlight excitement and danger of urban life with a sense of humor!

May 31 – Aug 24, 2013 Unraveling Time, Creative Space

A group exhibition of contemporary Native artists explores created spaces transcending time and place. The illusion of a singular identity is unraveled through contemporary reworkings of weaving, performance, beadwork, storytelling, mythology, and symbolism, infusing both historical and contemporary processes and references. Imaginary space suspended beyond multiple realities highlight a more honest and accurate depiction of self and suggests new models of thinking and engaging with the world.


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