Emergency 911 Services Respond to School Closures

Rapides Parish Schools closed early today because of severe storm alerts in the area.

Emergency 911 Services are ready to respond to these school closures.


ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Because of the severe weather, 911 Emergency Services are on high alert to make sure the community is safe.”


911 Operations Manager Jeff Michiels gives some tips on how to stay safe during this inclement weather.

“Social media is a great way to constantly stay up to date on what conditions are coming and how often they’re changing. The National Weather Service does a great job of doing updates as far as what our area can expect.”


His team is always on call if you get stuck on the road or have any type of emergency.

Michiels says, “If you’re in a situation and you’re out on the road, you’re more likely to dial 911. The 911 Center experiences an increased amount of calls as you would expect during this time.”


If an emergency arises, he advises for parents to subscribe to closure alerts and check live weather updates.

Closures for 1/24 include:

All Rapides Parish Schools

Rapides Parish Library


The Tree House Museum

The Alexandria Zoo

13 Southwest Louisiana Parish State Offices