As residents affected by flooding in Vernon Parish return to their homes they will need Electrical Service Permits to have their electricity re-connected. We have tried to simplify the process as much as possible for those affected by the flooding. Please see instructions below.

1. Call Mrs. Debbie at the Vernon Parish Health Unit for a sewer permit 337-238-6410 x2 – she will send this information to Mrs. Kim at Parish Public Works.

2. Call the Assessor’s Office at 337-239-2167 to get a parcel listing and faxed to Parish Public Works at 337-238-1686.

3. Call Mrs. Kim at Parish Public Works to get your permit at 337-239-9933 (if you are calling on March 18th, please call 238-0324).

4. If you are in the Evans/Burr Ferry area, Mrs. Kim will fax your permit to the District 3

Maintenance Yard located on Hwy 111 – about 1.5 south of Evans School. You will need to sign your permit and they will fax it back to Mrs. Kim.

5. Call Mr. Billy McShan, Parish Inspector, at 337-208-0195 to perform your electrical inspection.

6. Once your electrical inspection is complete, Mrs. Kim will send your permit to the appropriate electric company for electrical re-connection.

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