Electric Utility Rebates Available for Some Residents in Alexandria

(Press Release) Alexandria, Louisiana— The City of Alexandria issued the first portion of Electric Utility Rebates related to the Cleco settlement in the form of a bill credit during the December 2017 billing cycle.  Those bill credits were issued to Qualified Recipients who had a utility account with the City between 1995 and 2004 and who still had a utility account with the City.

The City’s focus now turns to rebates for Qualified Recipients who were electric utility customers with the City for all or part of the period January 1, 1995 to December 31, 2004 but whose account has since been closed.  Those Qualified Recipients will be required to submit a written claim on the forms provided by the City.  A Qualified Recipient may search for their rebate at:


Once the correct account is located, click “Details” then click “Download Claim Form.”  Please note if you have multiple closed accounts you will need to submit a separate Claim Form for each closed account.  Claim Forms should be carefully completed by following the instructions provided; be sure to include a copy of the claimant’s driver’s license as well as any other supporting documentation required.  Failure to complete the Claim Form in its entirety or to attach any required supporting documentation will result in your claim being delayed!

Claims may be submitted:

In person at the City’s Business Incubator, 1501 Wimbledon Blvd, Alexandria, LA 71301.  No other location is an acceptable location to submit your claim.  The City of Alexandria Customer Service Building will not accept your claim.

Claimants who no longer reside in the Alexandria/Pineville area may submit their claim via mail to:

City of Alexandria
Electric Utility Rebate Claims
PO Box 71
Alexandria, LA  71309-0071

Claims may also be submitted by email to rebate@cityofalex.com.

Once received, residential claims may take four (4) or more weeks for processing and payment; commercial claims may take eight (8) or more weeks for processing and payment.

Continue to monitor the City’s Facebook page (Alexconnects), the AUS Facebook page and local media for up-to-the minute information.