Eagles’ defense locked-in for Catholic N.I.; Rebels breaking old habits ahead of Central B.R

The Menard Eagles have rode a rollercoaster season.

They started off 2-0, took three on the chin straight, went through a quarantine period then return to a win over Avoyelles and now they’re preparing to play against Catholic New Iberia.

“It was tough but our kids roller coaster ride has been on the up and up the entire way.”

Catholic N.I. has been up big numbers this year along with a couple of shut-outs, the Eagles’ defense will have to make big plays to keep the Panthers’ offense off the field.

“I feel like the game is going to be won in the trenches”, mentioned by Eagles’ linebacker, Drew Lemoine.

Head coach, Justin Charles, says that Catholic has done some things that they’ve seen before that can be an advantage to their game plan.

“Their defense is a defense that we feel we can have some success on.”

He says its very vital that they are sound and in their spots at all times.


The Pineville Rebels continue their run at history.

Last week’s win over Walker made the second 5A win in a single season, first time ever for this program.

Also, for the first time in a while the Rebels landed in the post-season seeded higher than 32.

Junior running back, Bruce Jackson, says this is the beginning to the turnaround of the program.

“It’s time to eat. Going into practice and going into this game, the complacency, the lack of effort, the lack of focus that Pineville has been known for for years has to break. This is how you break it. Going into a game like this, this is how you start the house that you want to build here.”

The Rebels travel to Central to play Central Baton Rouge.