Dog Pushed out of Car Window, Caught in Vehicle’s Wheel-Well Suspect Charged with Multiple Felonies

(Hammond, LA) — Bunny Giraud was not expecting to see a dog dangling from a driver’s side window last Saturday, April 23, but she did. Bunny saw a car traveling at a high rate of speed on Old Baton Rouge Highway in Hammond around 7:45 a.m. While police were pursuing the car, the driver pushed a dog out of the driver’s side window, leaving it to hang by its leash. The dog’s body became tangled on the wheel-well, which caused the leash to snap, and the dog to fall to the pavement. Bunny, fearing that the dog was seriously injured or dead, rushed out to the middle of the street to retrieve him.


The poor dog’s eyes were closed, and he was not moving. Bunny gently picked him up and moved him to her car. Eventually, his chest moved, and he opened his eyes. He was in shock. He had multiple wounds and injuries to his lower extremities, and he was bleeding from several areas. Bunny called the Humane Society of Louisiana to see if they could help, and they agreed to pay for the dog’s care. Bunny rushed him to the Animal Care Center in Hammond, where they treated him for injuries to the ligaments and tendons in his back legs. All of his claws are also missing from one of his back paws. He remains hospitalized but is improving each day. He is eating on his own but remains on oral medications.


Hammond Police charged Skilar Blake Dwyer (10/7/95) with multiple felonies, including aggravated cruelty to animals, flight from officers, possession of narcotics, and a weapons violation.  Dwyer remains incarcerated in the Tangipahoa Parish Jail (


The technicians at the vet clinic remembered seeing the same dog, but with a different owner. They contacted the owner, and she said that her dog had been missing for four days and now believe that it was stolen. Bunny contacted the previous owner and explained how she rescued the dog and has fallen in love with him.  The previous owner agreed to let Bunny adopt her dog, whom she has named Mister Marvel.


The Humane Society of Louisiana is accepting donations for Marvel’s care. Donations can be made online through its website at, its PayPal account at, or by sending a check or money order to HSLA, P.O. Box 740321, New Orleans, LA 70174.


“For Bunny to see this crime and rush to give aid to Marvel is truly a miracle. We are very grateful to everyone who saved Marvel’s life, including the Hammond Police Department, the staff at Hammond Care Center, and, of course, Bunny,” HSLA Director Jeff Dorson, said.