Dog Owner Seeks Help to Stop Dog Abuse at Alpha and Omega K9 Training Facility

A dog owner seeks help to stop dog abuse at Alpha and Omega K9 Training Facility.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on what happened to her dog under the care of the facility.


Samantha West says her dog was neglected and malnourished at the Alpha and Omega K9 Facility.

“When we picked him up, he was completely skinny. You could see every single one of his ribs, his hip bones, his eyes were sunken in, his nose and snout were all beat up.”


West sent Phobos to stay at the facility for 3 months to breed.

“We took him to the vet and the vet he lost about 30 pounds, 26.3 percent of his body mass and there was nothing in the test that was run that would have caused such drastic weight loss. That was just a clear case of neglect and negligence. He obviously didn’t eat pretty much the whole time that he was there.”


She reported the dog abuse to the Pineville Police but was told she needs video evidence.

“How many dogs are going to have to die, how many dogs are going to have to go into vet care to be rehabilitated to the way they’re supposed to look for them to finally step up and do something?”


The facility was shut down due to numerous complaints.

“Angry, upset, confused on why we trusted the business itself and got our dog back in such bad condition and then upon further research, we found out that has happened quite a bit.”


The state of Louisiana has no regulations for breeders.

Executive Director of Humane Society of Louisiana Jeff Dorson says, “Anybody can set up a business in their backyard or toolshed and start breeding animals for profit. You don’t have to register with the state, you don’t have to get a license and therefore, there’s no oversight, which means there is no review of the operation, if they’re humane or best practices.”


West says Ryan Collins continues to train dogs at his home.

“I don’t understand why nothing has been done, why his business is still open, why he’s able to keep working with these animals, and them coming back in such horrid conditions and some of them past the point of saving.”


We reached out to Ryan Collins for comment, but he has not responded yet.

No police investigation has been made against Alpha and Omega K9 Facility.