Disturbance at Marksville High Leads to Lockdown

MarksvilleLockdownA disturbance at Marksville High leads to a lockdown.

Around noon today, pills authorities say Adam Ponthier went to the school where his mother is a secretary to ask for money.  Ponthier allegedly threatened her when she refused.

Authorities say some thought the man had a gun in his truck outside the school.  They searched, but turned up nothing.  The threat was enough to trigger a school lockdown, and parents wanted to take their children home.

Authorities swarmed the school along with alarmed parents.  One official said the rumors circulating on social media made the situation worse.

The school is expected to be back in session Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday.

The elementary school was also placed on lockdown just in case.

KLAX ABC 31 News 8/30/13