Diocese of Alexandria releases names of 3 additional clergy accused of sexual abuse

The Diocese of Alexandria has released the names of 3 former clergy who have credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of minors.

The names of these 3 former clergy and their allegations are as follows…

Fr. Adrian Molenschot

-Allegations: sexual abuse of male minors (dating back to the 1960’s; reported in February of 2019)

-Died: December 1994

-Allegations deemed credible


Fr. Nino Viviano

-Allegation: sexual abuse of a female minor (dating back to the 1960’s; reported in February of 2019)

-Current Age: 91 years old (currently suffering from advanced stages of dementia)

-Retired: 1998

-Allegation deemed credible


Fr. Yves Robitaille

-Allegation: sexual abuse of a male minor (dating back to the mid 1950’s; reported in March of 2019)

-Retired: May 1990

-Died: July 1998 (72 years old)

-Allegation deemed credible


You can find the full list of accused clergy with the link provided.

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