Detectives Say Pawn Shop Robbery was Inside Job

An Alexandria pawnshop is held up this morning, and detectives say it was an inside job.

Rapides deputies say the South Circle Pawnshop was held up about 8:30 this morning, the robber taking several thousand dollars and injuring an employee on his way out.

A search began for a lone gunman, but the picture quickly changed for investigators.

Authorities arrest 27-year-old Devetrick Marks and 26-year-old Brenton David Weidner, both of Alexandria. Also in custody in Shreveport and awaiting extradition is 19-year-old Darlene Elizabeth White of Alexandria.

Pictured: Devetrick Marks (left) and Brenton David Weidner (right).

Deputies say Marks is charged with armed robbery and Weidner and White with armed robbery and criminal conspiracy. Detectives say Weidner is the employee involved in the hold-up.

Another employee injured in the incident was treated and released and was not involved in the hold-up.

KLAX ABC 31 News 9/4/14