Deputy Discovered a Filed Off Serial Number of a .40 Caliber Pistol

Press Release – A traffic stop by Corporal Blake Arrant of the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office for speeding led to the discovery of drugs and a weapon with the serial number filed off.  When the driver pulled over and rolled his window down, smoke that smelled of marijuana began coming out of the window. 

When the deputy questioned the driver about the smoke smelling like marijuana, the back seat window rolled down and the passenger handed the deputy a bag of marijuana.  A loaded .40 caliber pistol was found under the seat that the serial number had been filed off of. 

     Deontay Davis, 17 years old, of Winnfield, was arrested for Possession of C.D.S. I (marijuana), Possession of a Firearm with an Obliterated Serial Number, Illegal Possession of a Handgun by a Juvenile, Possession of a Firearm in the Presence of C.D.S.