Two Arrested for Using Counterfeit Money

Press Release – On June 12, APD officers responded to a report of counterfeit money being used at a restaurant on North Blvd. The officers arrived on scene and were directed by management to an orange truck still on scene, and were informed that the driver had just paid for food at the drive-through with a counterfeit $100 bill. The officers made contact with the driver, who at first denied knowing the bill was counterfeit, and said he had gotten it from his girlfriend.

Officers were then informed that there was a female in the restroom who was setting something on fire. Officers went into the restaurant and found the driver’s girlfriend attempting to destroy more counterfeit $100 bills by burning them and attempting to flush them down the toilet. The officers found pieces of counterfeit money in the toilet, as well as a wad of wet counterfeit bills in the trash can.

Both the driver, Chancey Johnson, 26, of Marksville, and the girlfriend, Allyssa Chambers, 24, of Marksville, were arrested and charged with Monetary Instrument Abuse. They were booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.