Convicted Killer Avoids Prison Time

Stanley White

A South Louisiana man, Stanley White, has never served his negligent homicide two-year sentence, handed down by a judge 16-years ago in ascension parish. Now, the State Attorney General’s Office, is trying to fix it.

White, pled guilty in July of 1995 after he smashed his car, into another one in Gonzales. As Chris Nakamoto reports, the victim’s mother believes someone’s grave error allowed convicted killer Stanley White to roam free, leisurely and unsupervised. Her family says, now it’s time for justice to be served.

Rachel Deville and her eleven-week-old daughter Brittney were riding in a car in July of 1994 when Stanley White changed their lives forever.

“She had just started smiling and that was about it. We didn’t have her very long,” said Rachel.

This mangled car is what was left from that horrific crash. The back portion smashed in, and the passenger compartments were badly damaged. Family members even had to wear neck braces because of their injuries. Little Brittney was rushed to the hospital. The prognosis was not good.

“They did brain scans and told us she didn’t have any brain activity, and there was nothing they could do, (crying)” said Rachel.

Brittney died a short time later.

The following year, Stanley White was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to negligent homicide. He was drinking the day of the crash, but his blood alcohol level registered at a .09, which was below the legal limit at the time.

As time helped the family heal, they never forgot Brittney, but they were horrified to learn recently, that her killer never served any jail time.

“I called the Department of Corrections with his doc number and they told me he had never entered into doc,” said Rachel.

So we went looking for Stanley White.

Reporter: I’m looking for Stanley White.

Resident:  He don’t live here no more. It’s been a while. Stanley doesn’t live here anymore?

Reporter:  Do you know where he moved to?

Resident:  no.

Now, the Attorney General’s Office is investigating. They’re taking action and filing court motions to get White to serve his time.

“It’s very unfortunate what happened to this family. Although the justice system managed to let them down 17 years ago, we’re hoping we’re able to correct that,” said Kurt Wall with the Attorney General’s Office.

Deville is ready to put this painful chapter behind her…for good. “Be a responsible person. Come forward and start serving your time. Take responsibility for what you did,” she says.

The Attorney General’s Office filed a motion in court to revoke White’s appeal bond, and to force White to start serving his sentence. A hearing is scheduled for May 3rd.

The District Attorney’s Office recused itself and the judge assigned to the case did so, too.

Story by: Chris Nakamoto, WBRZ, Baton Rouge

– April 25, 2013