Coaches’ reactions to possible football season: Holy Savior Menard and Bolton High

Local coaches in the area agree that safety is the number one priority with the return of football.

“Overall, the whole premise of it is to protect the people and protect the kids. Right now, we’re just going to do what we’re told to do and just take it day by day.”

As of yesterday, we have more answers from the LHSAA. A possible football season is projected to start October 8th, should the state move in a positive trend.

“It gives us to ability to come out and get things back to somewhat of a normal that we’re used to as coaches, and get the kids back to a normal. Even though there’s not definitive answer to when the season is going to start, it does give us some optimism that the LHSAA is working with every coach ion the state and try to make sure that we have a season of some sort… hopefully a full season.”

The athletic association decided to keep the original start date of August 3rd for team practices and although they’ve been quite different, they’ve adjusted well.

“It is a little bit different because we try to social distance as much as we can. There’s a lot of regulations on what we can do. We can only use hand shields and pop-up dummies. We can’t use sleds or tackle each other, none of that stuff. Those type of adjustments are happening but the kids are responding to it very well by playing fast and giving it all we have.”

Regardless of having practices and less restriction, safety is still the main concern.

“We want to play. I think when you go across that board and the LHSAA you talk about all sports with coaches and kids and families, we’re just ready to get back to playing. Whatever we have to do to do that, if they say we have to wear our mask and social distance, we’re going to do it so we can get back out and play.”

“Just the biggest thing is the safety of these kids. Making sure we do everything we have to do that’s been outlined to us and all the protocols to make sure we’re safe as coaches and the kids are safe.”