CLTCC and Attorney Brian Caubarreaux Announce ‘Do It Right’ Scholarship Winners

Alexandria, La. — Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) and Attorney Brian Caubarreaux are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 “Do It Right” Scholarship.

Alica Brister and Tessia Tellis both will receive full-ride scholarships to CLTCC. Brister, a resident of Elmer and recent graduate of Oak Hill High School, plans to study practical nursing. Tellis is a resident of DeRidder, and she is already studying practical nursing at the Lamar Salter Campus in Leesville. These full-ride scholarships cover total program costs (tuition, fees, and books).

CLTCC received more than 40 scholarship applications. A committee made up of CLTCC personnel and business and community leaders chose the winners after interviewing the top 10 applicants Wednesday. The winners are selected based on a combination of attributes – academic performance, drive, ability, need, and desire to seek a career and technical education.

The Brian Caubarreaux “Do It Right” Scholarship was established in March 2015 by Brian Caubarreaux and Associates, a law firm owned by Brian Caubarreaux, to provide assistance to those striving for a better tomorrow. Students attending CLTCC will have the chance to “Do It Right” with a full-paid scholarship to pursue a career of their choice. Scholarship recipients must attend CLTCC and major in a Career and Technical Education program. CLTCC has seven campuses. The selected applicant can attend any campus.