Cleco designates Feb. 15 as Power Plant Employee Appreciation Day

PINEVILLE, La. – Feb. 15, 2022 – Approximately 400 employees operate and maintain Cleco’s
23 generating units at nine power plant facilities across the state. To thank them for their role in
keeping the lights on for customers across Louisiana, Cleco has designated Tuesday, Feb. 15
as Power Plant Employee Appreciation Day.
“These are the men and women who operate the equipment that generates the electricity we all
depend on, and we want them to know we appreciate all they do to serve our customers,” said
Robbie LaBorde, chief operations and sustainability officer. “Because they work inside our
power plants, they’re not as visible as our power line technicians. However, without power plant
workers, there would be no electricity to deliver.”
Cleco’s power line technicians are recognized on National Line Mechanic Appreciation Day
each year in April.
“There’s currently not a national day for power plant employees, so we created a day especially
for these employees. This is a day to recognize the men and women who keep our power
plants running, including the operators, technicians, mechanics, material handlers and the
employees who support them, 24/7,” said Bobby Breedlove, vice president of generation
operations. “They work long hours, rain or shine, including nights and weekends, operating and
maintaining our power plants. We appreciate the work they do to keep the lights on for the
communities we serve.”
Three systems are necessary to provide electricity to customers – generation, transmission and
distribution. All three are very critical to serving our customers, but the process starts at our
power plants.