City to Launch Adopt A Street Program

Alexandria, La. (December 1, 2021) — Keep Louisiana Beautiful has awarded the City of Alexandria an $8,000 Healthy Communities Grant to establish an Adopt A Street program.

“We’re grateful to Keep Louisiana Beautiful for this grant award,” explained Alexandria Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “They are a state leader in supporting anti-litter and community improvement efforts and we are excited to have their support as we work together to achieve a cleaner, more beautiful Alexandria.”

The City’s Adopt a Street Program will address litter enforcement and reduction by engaging the local community in keeping their neighborhoods clean. Once established, the program will provide an opportunity for environmental education as well as the potential for recycling of white goods, cardboard and green waste along the adopted routes.

Initially the program will target half-mile sections of streets in each of the City’s five City Council districts. The goal is to recruit a minimum of 10 organizations or individuals who commit to cleaning the street sections identified at least four times per year, with two of the dates being citywide cleanup days. Supporting groups may include neighborhood watch groups, civic clubs, school groups, boy and girl scout units, local businesses, churches and other community groups as well as individuals or families.

In exchange for the supporter’s commitment, the City will provide road signs designating the street as adopted by the organization or the individual. In addition, the City will provide each organization or individual with up to 10 cleanup kits which will include yellow safety vests, grabber hand tools, trash bags, gloves, hand sanitizer, a face mask, and a reusable tote bag for the supplies. In addition, the City will provide trailers and other volunteer support on the designated citywide cleanup days.

“Adopt A Street programs have been successful in other cities, and I believe we have a caring community of people who will make this program very successful in Alexandria,” Hall said. “It’s about more than just picking up trash, it’s about taking pride in a neighborhood’s appearance and ownership of the community’s image. While we have employees who pick up trash, we will never be able to keep the City as clean as an engaged community can.”