City of Pineville to Get New Municipal Complex

The City of Pineville will be getting a new municipal and court complex.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has the story.

The City of Pineville will soon be getting a new consolidated municipal and court complex.  The new building will house the police department.  The state will pay about $11 million for the new building with the city putting up about $2.5 million.

Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree tells me why the new building is needed.

“It’s something that’s really been needed for a long time.  Our police department works out of we affectionately call it a dungeon that is beneath city hall, and they’ve been out of space for a long time.  Our municipal court which not only takes care of Pineville and Ward 9 proper but also takes care of Ward 10 and 11 really is nothing bigger than a shoebox.”

“When you look at getting a structure that will be dedicated to public safety and dedicated to our municipal court and a building that will enhance what we all do to serve our community it really was a no brainer for us to pursue.”

Dupree says it will enhance the look of Main Street Pineville.

“It comes at a time where we are putting more of a main focus on Main Street.  You look at the enhancements that have been made through our Pineville downtown development district to multiple building facades along Main Street.  You look at our neighbor across the street at First Baptist Church and Pineville Elementary and the things they’ve put into their landscaping their façade improvements.  It will just enhance that plus at a time where some services might be moving to more higher traffic corridors we’re keeping those services focused on Main Street.”

Dupree says city services will be improved with the new building.

“I think it’s important that they remember that the services that we provide through police and fire protection through our municipal court is an important service and it’s one that will be greatly enhanced by having the facilities to provide those services to attract the employees to come in to work that will be proud to come in to work.”