City of Colfax Hosts 2nd Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to commemorate the life and work of Dr. King.

The City of Colfax wanted to do their part to celebrate him by bringing Central Louisiana together to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.


Alderwoman of Colfax Timika Hamilton-Price says she organized the parade to bring harmony to the people of Colfax.

“We want people to come together, we want them to be as one, we want people to unite. We want them to come out, enjoy the festivities as we commemorate Dr. King’s birthday which is actually today and just try to bring unity into our community.”


She says this parade is a reminder of what Dr. King stood for: fellowship and love.

“It’s important to celebrate Martin Luther King Day because he’s one of the persons that are instrumental and the reason why we can come together. We can come together as one and just do things and make the community better.”


Solo Slab Rider John Thomas says being a part of the MLK parade fills him up with pride.

“Martin Luther King is a special day to me. To give back, his dream was for us all to come together and as you can see, no color is exempt from this event.”


As a solo slab rider, his contribution to the parade is to bring fun through horse rides.

“It’s motivational for the kids to see us as a whole to come together and be as one. Like I say, just really coming here to have a good time to support Colfax in their Martin Luther King Day parade today.”

Timika is proud the City of Colfax put their differences aside to participate in the parade.


The City of Colfax plans to continue the MLK parade for next year.