Grant Parish Police Jury Dedicates September 6th Gracie Reichman Day

Gracie Reichman from Colfax, Louisiana has been crowned Miss Louisiana 2022 in June.

Michael “Gabe” Firment, State Representative District 22 says, “When Gracie was crowned Miss Louisiana on June 18th, the Town of Colfax and all of Grant Parish celebrated with her and her family and we will be cheering for her when she goes on to represent the State of Louisiana at the Miss America pageant later this year.”


The Grant Parish Police Jury dedicated September 6th as Gracie Reichman Day.

Miss Louisiana 2022 Gracie Reichman says, “Today is in honor of my late great grandfather. He really instilled in me even before starting to compete for Miss Louisiana that Miss Louisiana wasn’t something I had to achieve, Miss Louisiana already shined within me, and I just had to take hold of that power.”


As a teen, Gracie Reichman started an anti-bullying campaign, and she still fights against bullying.

“You hear that word, and it’s such a large word with heavy context, but I think it can be boiled down to something very simple. It’s how you speak to one another so “Think Twice, Be Nice” really emphasizes how crucial it is to have a positive internal dialogue with yourself and an external dialogue with other people.”


Family and friends supported her through injuries from her clogging routine to being crowned Miss Louisiana.

“I was so grateful I was able to soak it all in and see my family in the audience and not only did my hard work pay off, but everything my family and my support system poured into me, and it paid off and seeing them in the audience supporting me, it was a full circle moment, full of a lot of emotions but definitely gratefulness.”


Her mother, Edna Reichman, says she is proud her daughter gives a voice to the voiceless.

“It has evolved, and she feels strongly about it. Even when people ask her, do you want to change it? She says no. She said it makes a difference to young children. It makes a difference in how they look at themselves and others.”


Gracie Reichman wants to be a role model for young girls everywhere.

“Being Miss Louisiana, it’s a mindset, it is not something you have to check off boxes for, you treat people with kindness and the golden rule is, if you treat others like you want to be treated, those qualities and those lessons and those experiences will mold a young girl into a leader.”


Gracie Reichman looks forward to using her platform to motivate young girls to become future leaders.

She will continue to travel all 64 parishes to network and serve local communities.