City Council Donates Funds to the Alexandria Little League Kids

Keeping the youth out of the streets is one way to decrease the crime rate.

The Alexandria Little League can help them find mentorship and be a healthy outlet.


The crack of the bat is music to their ears.

Playing in the Alexandria Little League means so much to the kids.

Jay Scott is grateful to the city council for funding the Little League.

This is the first time in 9 years they have donated to the league.

The money is donated from the Community Development funds.


He is excited to give more to the kids in the community.

This victory is being shared with the coaches who invest their time and energy into them.

The kids can have fun and enjoy playing together.


Regjanaye Hamilton loves coaching the kids from her neighborhood.

Lakendra Williams appreciates the chance to work with the kids and learn from them.

Jeremiah troffer feels Tee-Ball is the best time to mold them into successful players.


Playing Tee-Ball is a way to get the kids active.

They can build solid friendships and learn valuable life skills.


The season for the Alexandria Little League starts Monday, May 23rd.


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