Citizens Speak About Policing and Demands Change in the City Council

The City Council’s job is to work toward solving the city’s issues.

With the crime rate rising, the city council feels the pressure by the public.


Joseph Sullens feels it is up to him and others to get involved and act.

He believes it is important to support the City Council and the Alexandria Police Department.

Willie Clark feels the City Council is stuck in the past.


The City Council voted to investigate the Alexandria Police Department.

Mayor Jeff Hall made a statement regarding the investigation into the Alexandria Police Department:

“We are disappointed the city council has elected to conduct an unprecedented investigation into the work of the brave men and women of The Alexandria Police Department. Chief Howard and his staff have responded to every question the council members have asked, providing data directly from the computer assisted dispatch system. We have shared the information with the local media and met with them today to ensure they have the facts. Frankly, we don’t see the need for an investigation as the information the council has requested has been provided to them already as well as to the media to share with the public. However, it is their right under the City Charter to investigate the affairs of any City department. As such, APD and my staff will cooperate fully. I do regret that they have chosen to subject the outstanding men and women of APD to this needless process.”


City Council President Catherine Davidson is asking for help from the Mayor’s Administration.

She is requesting he allots money for new police cars and equipment.

Mayor Jeff Hall and his administration plan to cooperate fully in the investigation.


Their main goal is to protect the public and keep the city safe.

The City Council will have their next meeting on May 17th at 5 p.m.


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