Children’s Author Writes Book to Empower Adopted Children

Mental health issues can start at an early age.

According to the CDC, ADHD, anxiety problems, behavior problems, and depression are the most diagnosed mental disorders in children.


Dawn Charleston-Green wrote the book “Heey Dandelion” as a love message to her adopted daughter.

Dawn encourages families to have intentional conversations about their children’s mental health.

She hopes this book gives children a safe space to belong.


Anasia Green used to get bullied in school for being adopted.

She felt honored to find out her mom wrote this book about her.

Anasia wants to inspire others to stand up for themselves.


Morgan Redmon brought his son to the library for the first time.

He learned a valuable lesson by listening to dawn read her book.  

He hopes his son can learn to accept himself and others. 


Anasia wants kids to be encouraged through tough times.

Her mother says Anasia represents the resiliency of a dandelion. 

She hopes her book inspires children of all ages who struggle to fit in. 


To find out more about Heeey Dandelion, go to 

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