Central Louisiana Regional Port Meeting


TO: Board of Commissioners, Public, Media and those requesting notification.

This notice has been hand posted for the general public at the Central Louisiana Regional Port Office and may also be viewed at www.clrport.com.

FROM: Norman E. Welch, Jr., President


The monthly meeting of the Central Louisiana Regional Port will be held on Wednesday,

October 25, 2017 @ 8:00 a.m. and shall meet at the Port Central Office located at 600 River Port Road, Alexandria, LA. Posted on the Port’s website are Minutes and Agendas – visit www.clrport.com.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance or any other related and/or specific requests, please contact Blake Cooper, Executive Director, at (318) 473-1848 describing the request.

October 25, 2017

Proposed Agenda

  • I. Call to Order


  1. II. Roll Call

III. Invocation

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Welcome, Introduction of Guests

VI. Action Items:

  • a. Motion to approve agenda as proposed.
  • b. Motion to approve minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting held on September 27, 2017.
  • c. Motion to approve financial statements for September 2017.
  • d. Motion to approve Resolution 2017 – 5 establishing an employee retirement program and further authorizing the Executive Director to serve as the Plan’s administrator.
  • e. Motion to approve Resolution 2017 – 6 for the warehouse expansion and port improvement project and authorize the Executive Director to submit all required documents to appropriate entities including the “Notice to Award” and execute any other contract documents related to this award.
  • f. Motion to approve Resolution 2017 – 7 authorizing the Executive Director to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Alexandria regarding use of city-owned property for the upcoming military rotation.


  1. g. Motion to authorize the executive director to execute an amendment to the existing CEA or enter into a new CEA with the Red River Waterway Commission relative to the warehouse expansion and Port improvement project.

VII. Comments:

  1. a. Comments by Port Director
  2. b. Comments by Legal Counsel
  3. c. Comments by Economic Development / Elected officials
  4. d. Comments / Questions by Commissioners
  5. e. Comments by public (limited to 3 minutes per person, not to exceed 30 minutes)