Central LA Regional Port Celebrates 30 Years


Press Release – May 8, 2018 – Initially known as the Alexandria Port Authority and renamed in 2015, the Central

Louisiana Regional Port (CLRP) is celebrating 30 years of commitment to the community. The Port was

founded in May 1988 with the assistance of the City of Alexandria and the Central Louisiana Chamber

of Commerce.

CLRP has experienced exponential growth over the past few years with the influx of new tenants and

retention of existing customers. The Port’s assets are almost $24 million and growing with an additional

$2 million in infrastructure investments this year. To date, total investment by CLRP, tenants and other

entities totals almost $38 million. Additionally, water-borne transportation tonnage capacity is expected

to grow more than 250,000 over the next few years.

The Port is represented by the following Board members: Norman Welch, President (Alexandria); Dr.

Haywood Joiner, Vice-President (Boyce); and Terry Spruill, Secretary/Treasurer (Pineville)

Dave Clabo (Pineville), Jesse Doyle (RPPJ), Michael Grant (RPPJ), Corey Lair (Alexandria), Bryon

Salazar (Alexandria), John Scott (Alexandria) and Basil Smith (RPPJ).

“During my many years serving on the Board of Commissioners,” stated Norman Welch, Jr., “ I have

witnessed good days and I am proud to say the Port is doing ‘great’ these days!”

Executive Director, Blake Cooper commented, “I am thrilled with the substantial growth of the Port

especially over the last three years and I am eager to be a part of the continued success.”