Cenla Storm prepares to compete in Alexandria this weekend

“They’re chomping at the bits, they’re ready to get after it.”

The pandemic put a pause to the Cenla storm season last year, but now with a few wins under their belt, it feels good to be back.

“A lot of them are determined about practice. We have a lot going on as coaches. They’re always asking, but we try to get them in as much as we can because I know they missed all last summer because of the coronavirus. But, they’re showing that that’s what they want to do.”

This team of 9th through 11th graders have had a successful start to their season. After being on the road to Baton Rouge, this weekend, they get a chance to play in front of the home crowd.

“They’re excited about playing at home. We don’t get a lot of opportunities to play in front of the people at home so the boys are excited about it and expecting more family to be there so they want to make a really good showing.”

This talented group brings a lot of energy. You’ll notice this on and off the court.

Even though they all attend different schools, they’re all working for the same goal.

“Some of us go to Menard, a couple go to Peabody, some of us at Pineville but we’ve been playing with each other for about two years and we’ve been playing together. It’s pretty important because we have to build the chemistry for the upcoming summer.”

“I guess it’s just the pride that the guys have. We have guys that end up playing Division I football and basketball and they all talk about Cenla Storm. It’s just kind of their thing.”

The Storm will be in town this weekend looking to give the city a show.

“We hope everybody would be out there. We missed last summer. These kids are special, all of them. Everybody has a unique ability about themselves. I just say come out and watch.”


Photo Courtesy: ThreeOneEight Photography, LLC