Cenla Kidzfest Educates Kids on Life Skills

The Junior League of Alexandria hosted the Cenla Kidzfest where education is made fun for kids and parents.

This free event was designed to promote safety.


Erin Rose is passionate about educating kids.

She organized the Cenla Kidzfest to give them access to mentorship.

She is excited to spread valuable knowledge to them.

Various vendors taught children life skills and safety habits.


Angela Moran focused on self-care for kids and parents.

She believes self-care is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

Each booth offered advice and education.


Kids played games to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

They won prizes and enjoyed the rides.

Their mission was to get children to enjoy learning in a fun environment.


The Cenla Kidzfest brought the city together to teach everyone how to win at life.

The Junior League of Alexandria will host an event called League of Trucks on April 23rd at Calvary Baptist Church.