CDC Investigates Cause of Acute Hepatitis in Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has discovered a rare case of acute hepatitis in children.

The CDC reports that there are nearly 300 cases of severe hepatitis in children worldwide.


The CDC says the exact cause of acute hepatitis in children is still unknown and under investigation.

Dr. David Holcombe says the cases have been found in children aged 10 or less.

He says nausea and vomiting are only some of its symptoms.


Hepatitis interferes with what the liver does.

If it’s not treated, Dr. Holcombe says it can cause serious consequences.

He warns parents to be aware of their children’s condition.


He says there are only 109 cases in the United States.

Acute hepatitis in children is treatable, but it must be detected early.


If your child shows signs of these symptoms, contact your local pediatrician.