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Louisiana Pollster Discusses Outward Migration

One of the better-known pollsters in Louisiana speaks today to the downtown Rotary Club about migration.  But he’s talking about citizens moving away from Louisiana — especially in the 8 years since Hurricane Katrina.

He has conducted polls for politicians and for attorneys picking criminal juries.
KLAX ABC 31 News 6/25/13

4 LSU Medical Facilities Under Private Management

LSU Medical Facilities in 4 cities are now under private management — as part of Governor Bobby Jindal’s push to privatize the university-run hospitals and clinics.
Back in December, Lafayette General Medical Center agreed to partner with the former University Medical Center, to maintain their facility.
Alex Labat was there for the official unveiling of the new [...]

Rapides Deputies Search for Attempted Kidnapper


Rapides deputies are searching for a man they say could be connected to an attempted kidnapping on June 15th in the Kisatchie National Forest.  The victim says a man tried to pull her from her car, but she was able to drive away.  It happened on a gravel road that connects Woodworth to Melder.
He’s described [...]

Rapides Deputies Arrest Alleged Stalker


Rapides deputies arrest a man they say stalked women around the Red River Waterway Park.  The first complaint regarding 49-year-old Chester Salard of Alexandria came on June 15th.  Salard was arrested yesterday after an investigation.  He’s banned from the park pending further investigation.
KLAX ABC 31 News 6/25/13

Pineville Man Returns to Jail for Life for Child Rape


A 48-year-old Pineville man is returning to prison for the rest of his life — for raping a child.
Tony Pennywell served 18 years in a North Carolina prison for killing his wife.  He moved here and was arrested and tried for several sex charges, including rape.  A judge here sentenced him to a total of [...]

Fort Polk Saved

Fort Polk is saved.  That’s the word issued today by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu.
Boosters of the base in Leesville and Alexandria learned this morning the latest round of cuts will cause Fort Polk to lose 240 soldiers.  That’s a far cry from the 54 hundred first proposed.  Most importantly, for the Chambers of Commerce, the [...]

Lunar Synchronicity Creates Supermoon


The heavens delivered a rare treat to moonstruck romantics and werewolves who rose before the sun yesterday.
A feat of lunar synchronicity created a supermoon.  It happens when the moon is full and at the same time reaches its closest point to earth in its orbit.  It makes for the biggest, brightest moon of the year.  [...]

Rapides Deputies Charge Woman and Brother with Obstruction


Rapides deputies say a North Carolina woman and her brother are charged with obstruction of justice and criminal conspiracy.  Deputies say 37-year-old Jennifer Gordey Davis tried to threaten potential witnesses in her brother’s criminal sex cases.
35-year-old Jeffrey Gibson is originally from Pineville.  He’s in jail on sexual battery, molestation and rape charges.
KLAX ABC 31 News [...]

Four Inmates Plot to Escape from Rapides Parish Jail


Rapides deputies foil a plot by 4 inmates to escape from the parish jail in the court house.
They’re David Hatten of Otis, in jail for probation violation, Gabriel Nethery of Alexandria, in jail for sexual battery and indecent behavior, Jeffrey Neil Gibson of Pineville, behind bars for carnal knowledge, indecent behavior and sexual battery, and [...]

Recycled Mardi Gras Beads Featured in Artwork

Recycled Mardi Gras beads get a new life as part of a traveling art exhibit called Bead Town.  Right now it’s in Natchitoches.
Artist Stephan Wanger started creating the over-sized artwork six years ago with donated beads.  He partners with Louisiana cities and schools to create pieces picturing local and state traditions.  Wanger is from Germany [...]