Career Fair Gives Hope to Job Seekers

For those seeking a job, this is the perfect time to attend a career fair.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.2 million people have not been able to work due to the pandemic.


The Career Fair at the Randolph Riverfront Center are full of job seekers looking for great benefits and employers looking for passionate workers.

Lasonya Bennett tells us why it is important to her to find a job at the career fair.


Lasonya takes care of individuals at Pinecrest.

She visited various booths to determine which job would fit her needs.

She is looking for a company to grow with.


Jeff Ryan organized the event to help people seek jobs locally.

He believes direct feedback is beneficial for job seekers.

He is excited to give people the opportunity to find a career they love.


Matthew Pokorney encourages people to seek a career in sales.

He says a sales job provides job security and independence.

He is looking for an applicant to train and teach new skills.


Nelle Cook provides wellness and education for those with special needs.

Her team is proud to help them grow through art and speech therapy.

She is looking for people to invest in caring for residents.


Each job seeker decided to get up and find a fulfilling career.

With newfound confidence, they can walk on the path to success.