Cadets Learn Defensive Tactics

Cadets go through several stages of training to become police officers.

Each cadet must overcome mental and physical obstacles to become their best.


Cadets at the training academy are learning defensive tactics.

They are using these training batons to gain control of the suspect.

Cadet Barton is going to tell us why it is important to learn these defensive tactics.


Cadet Erin Ledet is proud to train at the Alexandria Regional Police Academy.

She feels empowered to learn how to defend herself.

She is grateful to learn the basics and build from there.


Cadet Jessica Smith is grateful to learn how to protect herself.

She can use weapons to reach out further to a bigger person.

She was taught to stay calm and control the situation.


Trainers taught cadets to stay alert and carefully access every situation.

This way they can keep themselves and others safe from harm.