Buckeye Panthers focus on bigger and stronger in week two of return

Like many teams in the state, they all played The Waiting Game to hear when they could begin summer workouts.

Head Coach, Jonathan Landry, says that waiting to hear back from the LHSAA and also waiting until June 8th was brutal but it was all worth it for this moment.

“It was a long wait and we were all anxious to get back but we’re glad to be back.”

Returning starter, Caleb Nugent says echoing Landry says “It feels great to be back and work with my teammates. (I) just enjoy being out here doing what I love to do.”

The Panthers cap off week two of workouts, mostly getting their gains up and conditioning down.

They’re one step closer to putting the pads on.

“Gaining some speed and getting stronger because we have to be in great condition for the season. It’s only 50 of us out here and a lot of us play both sides of the ball so we have to be in great conditions.”

Buckeye has exactly 50 players on the roster so dividing them into groups isn’t so bad. But, extra measures are in place to keep everyone safe.

“It’s been good and its similar to what we’ve done before. We’ve always divided our kids up in an outside group and an inside group and switch them halfway. It’s similar to how we group the kids and what we’ve done in the past. The biggest difference is making sure they’re in the same group around the same kids everyday and that we sanitize the equipment after each group uses it.”

During the waiting game, Landry says that the team kept in contact through group messages. He would send workouts and other suggestions to keep them in shape.

Since they’ve been back, he’s noticed that the guys held up their end of the bargain.

“I was really pleasantly surprised when we came back last week. We kind of started off easy and we’re still not into full speed of what we normally do or how we do this summer but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the condition and the shape that the kids have been in since we got them back.”