Boyce man arrested on multiple charges

Boyce Police Dept. -On Wednesday 6/24/2020 at about 1840hrs Boyce Police were dispatched to the 900 block of Carlow Street in Boyce La. For a domestic disturbance. Once on the scene Police made contact with Jerrod “Fat boy” Brown, B/M age 33. Mr. Brown refused to speak to law enforcement. Police conducted an investigation and discovered from witnesses and the victim that domestic violence occurred. Mr. Brown allegedly in the residence strangled the victim also striking her repeatedly. The victim was able to escape the home and make it to the front yard. Once in the front yard Mr. Brown according to eye witnesses supposedly bad slammed the victim on the concreate, then began striking her and calling her obscene names. Mr. Brown then left the victim and attempted to damage the victim’s vehicle. While he was doing that, the victim was able to get into the vehicle and drive to safety. Mr. Brown was charged with the following offenses: Disturbing the peace, resisting an officer, domestic abuse battery/strangulation and second-degree battery.