Bolton High Football Coach James Dartez Has High Expectations for Season

Bolton High School has not made the playoffs since 2007.

Last season, the Bears struggled to a 2-7 record after barely missing the playoffs.

The new Bolton coach plans to breathe new life into the Bears.


James Dartez may be new to Bolton High’s football team, but he brings experience as an offensive coordinator.

“My expectations is real simple. I just want to see the guys really gel together, play for each other, and be very physical for four quarters. I think that the Bolton community will be very proud of the product we put on the field this year.”


His plan is for Bolton to make the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.

“These guys have worked extremely hard during the off-season, they’ve grinded through the summer months and I really expect them to do great things this year.”


He says Buckeye and Tioga are two of their biggest rivals for the Bolton Bears.

“My guys have worked extremely hard this year and I’m ready to put a great product on the field. I would like to see them see their hard work come to fruition, so it doesn’t matter who you line up against us, man we are ready to go.”


Bolton Wide Receiver Jaylen Welch says the bears are prepared to take on any team on their schedule.

“We’ve been working on a lot. We’ve been going to camps, working on our pass offense, our defense, our secondary got a whole lot better, and our linebackers are getting a whole better at what they’re doing.”


Bolton Linebacker Aaron Obey says the bears are going to be stronger this season.

“We’re looking forward to big things this season for my teammates and myself, you know, came in with a new coaching staff and a new coach which means more personnel. Working on things, our line got better, our receivers, they’re running their routes more crispy, things like that.”


James Dartez says Bolton has 11 seniors who will get a lot of playing time.

“This has been my hardest working group and that’s a gift in itself. The younger guys really got a chance to see these seniors put in a whole lot of work. I don’t think I had a senior who missed a day in the off season, so they set the tone for what we’re trying to do is to rebuild this program.”

Their coaching staff believes in the work the team has been putting in all summer.

Now it is up to the Bolton Bears to push themselves to have a winning season.


The Bolton Bears play their first home game against Tioga on September 1st at 7 PM.