Boil Advisory Lifted

Boil Advisory

Update – The boil advisory for the Vandenburg Drive area in Alexandria has been lifted.

Alexandria,  Louisiana—A  boil  advisory  has  been  issued  today  (Wednesday,  February  11),  due  to  repair  work  associated  with  construction  of  a  new  warehouse  on  Vandenburg  Drive,  according  to  Utility  Director  Michael  Marcotte.

Because  of  this  new  construction,  the  water  in  the  affected  area  may  have  been  compromised.

Therefore,  as  a  precaution,  the  Alexandria  Water  Department  is  issuing  a  boil  advisory  effective  immediately.  This  boil  advisory  is  to  remain  in  effect  until  otherwise  noted.

The  boil  water  advisory  is  issued  for  homes  and  businesses  located  in  the  area  described  below:

The  east  side  of  Vandenburg  Drive  between  Highway  28  West  Street  and  Bayou  Rapides  Road.

It  is  recommended  that  all  consumers  disinfect  their  water  before  consuming  it  (including  fountain  drinks),  making  ice,  brushing  teeth,  or  using  it  for  food  preparation  or  rinsing  of  foods  by  the  following  means:

Boil  water  for  one  (1)  full  minute  in  a  clean  container.  The  one-­?minute  starts  after  the  water  has  been  brought  to  a  rolling  boil.  (Shaking  can  eliminate  the  flat  taste  of  the  water,  pouring  it  from  one  clean  container  to  another,  or  by  adding  a  small  pinch  of  salt  to  each  quart  of  water  that  is  boiled.)

Please  be  sure  to  disinfect  your  own  water  prior  to  consumption  until  otherwise  notified.

After  the  boil  advisory  is  lifted  businesses  and  residences  in  the  affected  areas  should  do  the  following:

Run  cold-­?water  faucets  for  one  minute

Run  drinking  water  fountains  for  one  minute

Flush  automatic  icemakers  (make  three  batches  of  ice  and  discard)

Run  water  softeners  through  a  regeneration  cycle

Run  water  coolers  with  direct  water  connections  for  five  minutes


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