Block Bears in new playoff territory; ASH Trojans win after four-week playing drought

The Block Bears haven’t been to the second-round of the playoffs in about 5 years.

Head coach, Benny Vault, says that what’s helped them get this far is believing in “the fruits of their labor.”

“Two years ago, that was me best team. We didn’t win a game. We didn’t come close to wining a game but they showed up every Monday. These are these kids right here. They’re juniors and seniors now. They understand how to compete and I’m trying to teach them how to finish.”

The Bears will travel to play against the Homer Pelicans on Friday.


The ASH Trojans finally got some action after a four-game playing drought and shut-out Slidell, 35-0.

The downside to not playing was missing live reps, but the upside was allowing their “banged up” players to get healthy and those that have been out due to injury, were back and better.

The Trojans have the best of both worlds not only on their defense, but undoubtedly on their offense.

With a stud quarterback as Judd Barton who can spread the wealth amongst his receivers, or handing off to the backs to get the ground game going.

“Judd was sharp and I do feel like we can run the football. I feel like we’ve done it all year. For us to have a chance to continue to play, we’re going to have to do that. (Running) Backs are good, our offensive line continues to get better. I told them this morning, don’t deceive yourself. As good as it was, as proud as we are of the result, we’re no where close to playing a perfect game. We have to go get better on the practice field.”

The Trojans play host to the Haughton Buccaneers this Friday.